Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Brayden has been up to---see how he has grown!

Sorry for not posting more pics lately. Brayden is three months old now---and boy has he grown, and he has learned his voice and is making the cutest coos, he barely cries anymore! (knock on wood) If I can learn how to post video I will post his little conversations he has been having with mommy and daddy. He has also come to have very good schedule and is only waking up once during the night and its to eat and back to bed he goes Here are some pictures over the past week or two. This weekend we are off to Missouri to have Braydens first thanksgiving with the Flinn Family and Jesie's babyshower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our newest nephew :)--so stayed tuned for pics with the fam.
One of our new faces.
Align Center

Our little guy is all smiles, almost all the time.

He still loves the bath.

Our new way to sleep
All cozy in a really cool fleece wrap that our nonna made for him.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HELP--Im going behind bars for GOOD!!!!

THATS RIGHT---IM GOING TO JAIL FOR GOOD! A warrant has been issued for my arrest! Tomorrow I am going to be "Locked Up" to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association...and if I cant raise $ 2008.00 bail by tomorrow at 10 am, they are throwing away the key FOREVER! PLEASE VISIT MY WEBPAGE TO HELP PROVIDE HOPE FOR KIDS AND ADULTS WITH NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASE---did you know that just my bail alone will help someone with a wheelchair or leg brace? And $85 dollars funds one minute of research? They need all the money they can get!!! My webpage is

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Brayden's First Halloween

Happy Belated Halloween!!! We had so much fun carving Bray's first pumpkin, going to his first halloween party and parade, and ofcourse his first Halloween night and the weather was beautiful!!!!! We hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween activities as much as we did. Another perk to being a dont have to feel silly about being excited about pumpkins, costumes, and candy.
Daddy carving Brayden's first pumkin.
Brayden with his carved pumpkin and his soft pumpkin Nonna and Pa gave him.
Brayden's first Halloween parade and party. Arent all the little kids so cute? The party was so much fun, even if Brayden was too little to understand, Im pretty sure he still enjoyed it. I cant wait for next year!
Bray and Mommy enjoying his party.
Our little lion :)
Trick or Treat!!!
My sister, her friend, Katelynn (my brother's girlfriend), and my brother, getting ready to enjoy the halloween party Alexanne threw at my parents.