Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Food

Our first bite of baby food---we decided to try carrots first.
MMmm--this could be good.
Nope its definetly not--yucky...
Okay, I'll try again....
Ewww--still yucky--too bad Im going to have to try these a few more nights
Since then we have moved on to sweet potatoes--and he loves them. Friday we get to try green beans, and then peas, and then we move on to fruits. More of the faces to come.

6 Months Old

Brayden turned 6 months old February 17th. We had his sixth month doctor appointment last Friday. She gave us the go ahead to start baby food, and said Mr Brayden is looking great.
He weighed in at 22 pounds, and is 28 inches long. He gained 3 pounds and four inches from his four month visit. Our next appointment will be for his nine month check up, where she says we can talk about table foods--yay :)

Look What Brayden Can Do.

Brayden is doing something new everyday. It is amazing to us how much he has changed in just 6 months. The dr said at his appointment that the next three months we will notice the most is definetly when we need to babyproof the house completely! I can tell he is going to be getting into everything before we know it. We cant wait!

Here he is sitting up, we have been practicing, and then one morning he could do it, every day he sits up a little bit straighter and longer.

He also loves to be on his tummy and pull up as far as he can so he can see everything that is going on.

Playing with mommy with his George in a box. He loves this toy, and even more now that he can sit up and grab for George as he is jumping out of the box. You can kind of see in his face how concentrated he is on this.

Brayden has also become very independent. He likes to hold his bottle, and will barely let anyone else hold it but him or mommy. He is the same way with his pacifier, he has decided that he doesnt like it very much, and when he does want it, only he can put it in his mouth, if you try, he will spit it out every time.

He is still very cuddly. Here he is very tired after an evening of playing with daddy. They were both sitting there watching tv and sleeping...oops mommy woke daddy up taking the picture. Here is our sweet angel sleeping---his sleeping pictures are still my favorite!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Grandma (mommy's mommy) had a birthday in the beginning of February. So daddy helped me make a special birthday card while we were waiting for mommy to get home from work, and had mommy get the pictures of me making it printed. She loved it and it was fun eating pizza and playing Wii to celebrate. Arent I cute--and look how big Im getting? Hope you had a great birthday mawmaw!