Thursday, October 30, 2008

Brayden weekend Pictures

Random Pics from the weekend.
Getting our bath before our long weekend away.
Hanging out at Aunt Amanda's and Uncle Jesse's--thanks for letting us stay with you to break up our trip. It was fun seeing Cohen play with Bray!
Brayden got to hang out with Aunt Alexanne, Uncle Joe, and Grandma while Mommy was getting ready for the wedding and Daddy was helping the wedding family. Dressed up for the wedding
Watching TV with Dad in the hotel room. Doesnt he look like Nathan so much here??

Meeting Uncle Jared and Aunt Nici

While we were in Columbia over the weekend, Brayden got to meet his Uncle Jared and Aunt Nici. They drove over from Kansas City and met us for lunch. It was so good to be able to visit with them, we miss not seeing them.

Congratulations Tori and Tim!!!

This weekend was Tori and Tim's big weekend. We had a lot of fun decorating, spending time with friends, and seeing the happy couple celebrate their special day. Thank you guys for asking me to be a part of your day.
Also Congratulations to Tori's grandparents. On October 25, Tori's grandparents have been married 40 years--so Tori and Tim will share their anniversary with her neat! 40 years--wow---I cant wait!!!!!

More Fall Fun

I think I may have mentioned before how much I love fall. I could go to the pumpkin patch or on a hayride, or on a walk through the park everyday of fall if I had the chance, and now that we have little Brayden fall has taken on a whole new kind of fun, many fall and halloween pictures to come. A couple of weekends ago, Jesse, Amanda, and Cohen came for a visit on the same weekend we do my family trip to the pumpkin patch, so we thought it would be fun for them to come with us. Cohen was so cute and fun, and it makes us look forward to pumpkin patch trips with Brayden next year, I think next year we will have to do a trip to the pumpkin patch in Missouri too, with all of Nathans family, where there will be three boys to bring along! YAY!! That means we can look forward to three trips to three different pumpkin patches next year! We are so glad Amanda, Jesse, and Cohen made the trip out to visit, we loved having them--hurry back!
When we got there we all thought it would be fun to start the exploration with something sweet. Here is Aunt Brookie sharing her pumpkin ice cream with Cohen. Here our the Flinn boys!!!! I love this picture. Isnt he the cutest? We hope little Brayden grows up to be this cute! Family Pics Even Bray got to do the how tall this year---wont it be fun to see how tall he is next year.
Aunt Alexanne posing Top Model style with the snake gourd.
Brooke and Alexanne picking their pumkins and gourds.
After such a long day the family decided since we were in Amish country to stop at the Amish buffet....I know buffet normally equals GROSS--but this is homecooked actually very good, especially the dessert ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wedding Weekend

Hi all, I have gotten behind on my blogging, and we have had many things to blog about. But for now we are focused on this weekend and my friend Tori's wedding. Getting our blog updated comes next week. Two weekends ago we made the trip back to Missouri (family pics to be added later) to celebrate Tori's bachelorette party and shower. The weather was beautiful--a perfect Saturday for the wineries. Sunday we had the bridal shower. The whole weekend was great, and it was so fun to get to be able to catch up with some of my friends, which I rarely get to do when we make trips home. You may be seeing that as one of my goals in a new years resolution blog in the future! Because I am craving to blog, and have little time I thought I would keep with the upcoming weekend and share some pics from the pre-wedding festivities.....Here are some pictures of the bride and her bridesmaids--you might see a pic or two of Baby Bray as well---I couldnt resist.

Mommies need to have fun too---right? The bride looking beautiful!

Half of her bridesmaids have little ones----all boys!!! How time flies when your having fun!! Ofcourse my little guy--Baby Brayden!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our little pumpkin

Last Friday my sister and I took Brayden to the pumpkin patch with his sitter and the other little ones. We decided to dress Bray up in his little pumpkin outfit. Another trip may be planned in the very near future with daddy....stay tuned!
Brayden cant wait to be old enough to play...but mommy can! Mad little pumpkin Aunt Alexanne found a pumpkin!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Homecoming with Aunt Al

This past weekend was the Homecoming dance for my sister and brother---so we thought it would be cute to take pictures with Brayden and them, unfortunately by the time my brother got back from dinner for pictures Brayden was sleeping so we included a picture of him and his girlfriend Katlyn anyways. We also enjoyed a great evening with my parents and my sister Brooke who was in town for the weekend. The weather was wonderful...the perfect start to my favorite season--FALL!!!

Random Pics

Here are a few cute pictures from the past couple of weeks. He is getting so big, Nathan and I cant wait to see what he weighs at his next appointment. We have been doing trying to do a lot of relaxing before I have to go back to work...unfortunately that day is coming a lot sooner than we would like. But we have a lot of fun activities planned with the sitter so Mommy has lots of excuses to take off work!

More of Brayden's Many Faces