Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fishing and Friends

Nathan left for his big Canada fishing trip with my stepdad, brother, grandpa, uncle and cousins husband. My grandpa does this every other year as a christmas gift to all the men in my family. They are staying at Stanleys Resort, so they have comfortable living conditions, but still have access to the great outdoors. http://www.stanleys.com/ . He sounds like he is having so much fun, although its unusually warm there for this time of year they are still catching fish, and he said he is taking pictures so I will be posting shortly after he returns.
While Nathan was gone last weekend I decided to ride the train to MO and visit with my girlfriends from Warrenton. It was fun to see everyone and plan my friends bachelorette party and bridal shower, she is getting married October 25th, and I am the matron of honor. So the bridesmaids and I decided we better get some of this planned before our baby arrives.

Here is the future bride and her bridesmaids--there are two more bridesmaids but they live out of town, so they werent able to make it.

Baby Shower and Father's Day

These are pictures from our couples shower that was thrown for us. We had so much fun, and it was so great to be able to see our friends and siblings. My sister in law Amanda decorated her house and outside area with our Farm Nursery theme, it looked so good, and made us even more excited to start decorating the babies room.
We got to meet our friends Mark and Angie's little guy for the first time...Tyler is SOOO CUTE!!! Here is a picture of him and Cohen playing together. The weather was so nice they got to play together outside. Look how handsome Cohen is getting---we still cant believe he will be 1 in three weeks--life flies by.
Sunday was Fathers Day, so we continued the great weekend at Jesse and Amanda's and had Fathers day breakfast with Nathans family. Here is a shot of Jesse cooking us some yummy breakfast---checkout that camo apron!
We then headed to Warrenton to visit with my family. We dont see them as much as we would like, so it was great to visit with everyone and honor my grandpa on Fathers day.

Baby Flinn

Meet our little guy!! We still dont have a name yet, so we are thinking it will just be a surprise to everyone. We have less than 12 weeks until we meet him and cannot wait, as you can see he is getting bigger and bigger, these are our favorite ultrasound pics. We thought we would spare you the boy part pictures---but he is DEFINETLY a BOY :) 6 weeks15 weeks21 weeks

Monday, June 2, 2008

What else we have been up to!

This past weekend we came back for one of Nathan's dear high school friends wedding. Laura and her now husband Jesse got married at New Town in St Charles, that is an awesome place, I had no idea how big it had gotten or how much was back there, and the wedding chapel is beautiful! The reception was held at the Heart of St Charles, and there Nathan got to catch up with several of his friends he hadnt seen in forever, it was so fun to hear about all of there adventures!! Hopefully Miss Diana will be sending us some better pics to post---never the less here is a good one of Nathan atleast.
Congratulations Laura and Jesse!!!!
Sunday my grandma from Texas flew into st louis, so we met her and my aunt and cousin at Dave and Busters for lunch before heading back to Illinois...it was so nice to get to see them, and they surprised us with baby gifts ;) My cousin or Nathan didnt get into the pictures, but it was nice to get one of the girls, my aunt connie, my gma, my sis, and me (i know i know--Im huge---after this weekend I think I may need to clarify--there is only one little guy in there and I am aware the baby may be big--have you seen my husband??? I think our little boy new he would get a lot of attention this weekend, because about Saturday morning he decided to move his little body out front and center--oh well I love it, its great to know he his growing healthy and happy in there.)

Last Chance in Hawk Point

As many of you know Nathan is in a band, and in April his band made a trip to Hawk Point, MO for a show. So many of our friends and family came to watch, it was great to see everyone. Here are a few pics from the night, including some of my sister who lives in STL, we dont see her very much and she hadnt seen the growing baby bump yet, so she decided we needed to take some pretty funny, yet great pics together. And ofcourse we got to see our favorite little nephew while we were in town (not at the bar ofcourse--lol--nana watched him while his mommy and daddy came to watch uncle slim play the drums)--he is getting so big, he has become the highlight of our visits to Missouri. Look for updated pics of him too!

Getting Started

Hello!! My name is Ashley and I am a blog-stalker.......JUUUUSSST KIDDDDDING! (That is the way my dear husband thought I should have started this, lol---) I am so excited to be in the blogging world, so many of our MO friends have one and its soo fun to see how their kids grow and what fun things their families have going on in their lives. We thought this would be a great way for our family and friends to keep up with us, and because we do live further away it will be a great way for everyone to be able to see many updated pictures of our little guy once he arrives. I was going to wait for him to actually get here, but we have so many fun things planned this summer and I thought this may keep me from going crazy as I wait for him!!! So here we are are!!!!!!