Sunday, September 13, 2009

Daddy's Birthday, First Zoo Trip, and Daddy's First Fathers Day

All three of these things were packed into one relaxing fun weekend! Our weekend began on Saturday where we got up early and headed to the zoo --after that we headed to Truxton to celebrate Nathan's birthday with some of the family, and Sunday we spent the morning of Fathers Day with Grandpa Flinn, and the afternoon with Great Grandpa Reese. It was such a busy weekend was also one of our best from the summer!
Brayden and Daddy on the train at the Zoo
Brayden loved looking at the chimps---he was right at their level !
Aunt Brooke, Bray and I cooling off in the penguin house---Brooke joined us at the Zoo---it was one of her last weekends in St Louis.
Family Picture at the Zoo
Grandpa Flinn holding all three of his grandsons!! We absolutely LOVE this picture!

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